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We're proud to display the following artists' work at our gallery.

Molly Barnes
Brenda barnum
The Spaces Between
Mariella Bisson
Sonja Blomdahl
Larry Brown
E. Tyler Burton
Jeffrey Butters
Alessandro Casson
Carolyn Cole
Carolyn Cole Monotypes
Paul Cunningham
Rob Douglas
Janice Druian
Margaret Evangeline
Ming Fay
Gilles Foisy
Jeff Fontaine
David Geiser
Deborah Gillis
Dorothy Goode
Susan Hall
Bernd Haussmann
Jeffrey Hirst
Monroe Hodder
Fred Holcomb
Frank Hyder
Eva Isaksen
Sonia Kasparian
Ted Katz
Michael Kessler
Jim Kraft
Alicia LaChance
Katherine Levin-Lau
Benjamin Long
Arturo Mallmann
Brenda Mallory
John Maul
Benjamin Moore
Juri Morioka
Silvia Poloto
Stephen Porter
David Price
Mylan Rakich
Julie Rall
Anne Raymond
Anne Raymond Monotypes
Mark Rediske
Christie Scheele
Andrea Schwartz-Feit
Douglas Shafer
Rick Stare
Melinda Stickney-Gibson
Marlana Stoddard-Hayes
Kirsten Stolle
Jock Sturges
Richard Taylor
Debra Van Tuinen
Vintage Ceramic Collection
Elise Wagner
Kathleen Waterloo
Rebecca Welz
Betsy Wolfston
Jiro Yonezawa

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Butters Gallery represents many prominent artists throughout the country sculpting in metal, ceramic, wire, bamboo and multi-media.
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Contemporary artists working in blown, fused and sculpted glass are represented at Butters Gallery.
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