Butters Gallery Ltd.

Jiro Yonezawa



1981-1982     Oita Prefectural Beppu Industrial Arts Research Institute, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan - Certificate
1980-1981     Ono Masakatsu (Bamboo artist)-apprenticeship
1980-1981     Beppu Vocational Arts Training Center-Bamboo Craft, Beppu City, Oita Prefecuture, Japan - Certificate


1998          Butters Gallery, Ltd., Portland, OR
1998          Art Institutes International At Portland, Portland, OR
1998          Installation, Bassist College, Portland, OR
1997          Art in the Governor’s Office, Salem, OR
1996          Butters Gallery Ltd., Portland, OR
1996          Pro-Art Gallery Exhibit, Locus Gallery, St. Louis, MO
1995          Breaking the Rules, Pro-Art Gallery, St. Louis, MI
1992          Marvel's on Madison, Seattle, WA


2012 Metamorphosis, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR 2001      Basketry Show, Furniture CO, New York, NY
2001      SOFA Chicago
2001      Materia Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2001      Kati Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2001      Interiors by Invitation, The Japanese Garden, Portland, OR
2001      Artist Edit, Group Show, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2001      Japan: Under the Influence, BrownGrotta Art, Wilton, CT
2001            Seminal work in contemporary basketry, Fountainhead, Seattle, WA
2001            SOFA, New York
2001            Kati Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2001        Basketry Invitational, Materia Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2000        SOFA, Chicago, IL
2000         Kati Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2000         Long Island Show, Japonesque, San Francisco, CA
2000         SOFA, New York
2000         Fiber Invitational 2000, Kati Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2000         Eccentric Forms and Structures, Microsoft, Redmond, WA
2000         The Future, Butters Gallery, Ltd., Portland, OR
1999      SOFA-Chicago
1999      Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukie, WI
1999      25 for the 25th, The Brown Grotta Gallery, Wilton, CT
1999      The Japanese Aesthetic, R. Duane Reed Gallery, Saint Louis, MI
1999       Basketry: An Evolution of Form, The Fountainhead Gallery, Seattle, WA
1999       SOFA Show, New York, NY
1999      Contemporary International Basketmaking, Crafts Council, London, England
1999      Basketry Exhibition, Materia The Hands & The Spirit, Scottsdale, AZ
1998          Art 98Vancouver BC, Canada
1998          SOFA, The Brown Grotta Gallery, Chicago, IL
1998          Interiors by Invitation, Japanese Gardens, Portland, OR
1998          SOFA, The Brown Grotta Gallery,New York, NY
1998          The Hand and the Spirit, Joanne Rapp Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
1997          totallybuttersoregon, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
1997          Bamboo Art, Curated by Ann Crumpacker, PDX Gallery, Portland, OR
1997          Oregon Folk Art, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, juried show, Portland, OR
1997          SOFA, Katie Gingrass, Miami, FL
1997          SOFA, Katie Gingrass, Chicago, IL
1997          Traditional Asian Arts, Contemporary Craft Gallery, Portland, OR
1997          The 10th Wave Part 1: New Baskets and Freestanding Fiber Sculpture, The Brown Grotta Gallery, Wilton, CT
1996          Objets D'Art, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
1996          SOFA, Katie Gingrass, Chicago, IL
1996          Pro-Art Gallery Exhibit, Locus Gallery, St. Louis, MI
1996          Three Friends of Winter, Honeychurch Antiques, Seattle, WA
1996          Timekeepers-Convergence ’96, Portland, OR
1996          SOFA, Katie Gingrass, Miami, FL
1995          Fiber 95, The Textile Arts Centre, Chicago, IL
1995          Baskets and Bowls, National Invitational, Margo Jacobsen Gallery, Portland
1995          Pushing the Limits: an Exhibition of Contemporary Weaving, Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, NY
1995          Craft America '95, Silvermine Crafts Center, New Canaan, CT
1995          Katie Gingrass Gallery, Milwaukie, WI
1994          Men Making Baskets, Banaker Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1994          SOFA, Navy Pier Chicago, IL
1994          Sitka Art Invitational, Portland, OR
1994          Fiber 94: New Critical Attitudes, Textile Arts Centre, Chicago, IL
1994          Ceramic and Fiber : A New Generation Artist, Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI
1994          Take Another Look, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland, OR
1994          Sculptural Baskets, Joannne Rapp Gallery, Scottsdale, AR
1994          Group Show, Maveety Gallery, Salishan, OR
1994          Group Show Banaker Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1993          Festival Japan, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
1993          Sitka Center Art Invitational, Portland, OR
1993          Pacific Rim Japan, California Crafts Museum, San Francisco, CA
1993          Pacific Northwest Annual, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA
1993          Content/Container, Textile Arts Centre, Chicago, IL *
1993          Fabulous Works in Fiber, Lightside Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1993          Basketmakers, Selected by John Mc Queen, American Craft Museum, New York, NY
1993          Fiber about Fiber- Selections from the Alex and Camille Cook CollectionTextile Arts Centre, Chicago, IL
1993          Basketry Redefined ’93, Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA
1993          Ninth Celebration of the Arts, Arts in Oregon Council, Salem, OR *
1993          New Art Forms, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
1993          Varying Inspirations: Basketry in the 1990's, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MI
1992          New Art Forms, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
1992          Varying Inspirations: Basketry in the 1990’s, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO
1992          Convergence ’92 - A Capitol convergence ’92, Juried Fiber Exhibit, Washington, DC
1992          Artists Joining in Celebration of Rose Festival ’92, The Arts in Oregon Council, Portland
1991          Basketry-From All Directions, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN *
1991          Basket Art, Northwest Basket Weavers Invitational, North Seattle Community College Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
1991          Celebration of the Arts, A Capitol Invitation, Art in Oregon council, Salem, OR
1991          The Pacific Northwest Contemporary Basketry Exhibit ‘91I, Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA
1991          Rome Basketry Symposium 1991, Rome Art and Community Center, Rome NY
1991          From Hands to Baskets, Springfield Museum, Springfield, OR
1991          Banaker Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

*Recipient of Jurors' Award of Recognition


1993          Ninth Celebration of the Arts*, Arts in Oregon Council, Salem, OR
1993          Content/Container*, Textile Arts Centre, Chicago, IL
1993          WESAF/NEA regional fellowship alternate
1993          The Pacific Northwest Contemporary Basketry Exhibit ’91, Bumbershoot, Seattle WA*
          *Excellence in Craftsmanship
1991          Basketry >From All Directions, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN*
          *Recipient of Jurors' Award of Recognition


2001          Bamboo In Japan, Nancy Moore Bass
2000           The Art Of Basketry, Kari Lonning
1999          Contemporary International Basketmaking, Merrell Helberton
1998          Fiberarts , November
1993          Twill Basketry La Plantz; Lark Books April
1992          Hokubel Newspaper,Seattle, WA
1992          Fiberarts - The Magazine of Textiles, Summer
1992          Basketry Roundup, LaPlantz, LaPlantz Studios


The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Racine, WI
Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, North Carolina
Camille and Alex Cooke, Chicago
Lloyd Cotsen, Los Angeles, CA
Terry Hunziker, Seattle, WA
Jack Lenor Larsen, New York
Pat Maveety, Oregon
Donna and Bill Nussbaum, St. Louis, Missouri
Joanne Rapp, Scottsdale, AZ
Kay Sekimachi, San Francisco

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