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Alessandro Casson


Alessandro was born in Venice in 1969, the city where he currently lives and works. In 1996 he got his Doctorate in Political Science and Economics from Padova University. While working on his Doctorate, he also studied and created art and paintings using unique and non - traditional techniques, and some of his works were used in specialized publications. His ever-evolving interest in art and design, also led him to further study the subjects of graphic art and computer design.

Although he spent time in Europe, Canada and the USA, his love for his hometown brought him back to Venice. Since his return to Venice, Alessandro advanced his knowledge and skills in the art of working with glass by attending numerous workshops and seminars in lampworking, blowing and fusing with various local and internationally established artists and maestros.

Alessandro opened his own studio “Fragile” , where he designs and creates his pieces. Unlike many modern artists working in other forms of glass (slumped, fused, pate de verre, ground etc.) Alessandro continues the tradition of Venetian hot blown glass. His designs are unique because of his combination of the techniques established over the centuries with the infusion of his personal modern and contemporary aesthetic. In his studio he works with various master glassblowers such as Tosi, Fuin, Salvatore, Celotto, Raffael, Ferro and Toso in creating his masterpieces. He brings together various artists, each with their own technical contribution, skill, and years of experience to be able to create a wide range of styles, with the highest degree of workmanship.

In order to create his masterpieces, Alessandro first draws the pieces, giving careful consideration to the aesthetics, and the shapes and proportions he envisions. The pieces are created using a very complex and difficult technique called “Tociar piera” (translated means Roll Up). The patterns and colors are achieved by fusing glass threads, murrini and various powders on a refractory stone. Here the collaboration begins with a master glassblower who will blow the form under the watchful eye of Alessandro. Once completed, the form is often carved and worked on, based on the artist’s vision. He focuses on carving and engraving the blown glass using a study of the alternation of opacity and transparency to create depth and texture. An intimate knowledge of the material and of the techniques are vital for there to be a successful collaboration between the artist and various masters during this creative process.

In a recent list compiled by various art appraisers and collectors, Alessandro Casson and Fragile Studio were named among the “50 Distinguished Contemporary Artists in Glass” who “represented the best work of their generation”.

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