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Alicia LaChance


Alicia LaChance has exhibited throughout the West and Midwest. Her work has recently been acquired by the Flat Files, Contemporary Museum of Art in St. Louis, Missouri. La Chance's work is included in other corporate and private collections including the Kate Spade offices in New York, Gap Inc., San Francisco, Citadel and HGTV.


I am inspired by ancient, worn temple walls and the virtue of, Japanese print maker, Utamaro’s design fluency. I am equally inspired by minimal purities of the power of color, color’s reaction to other color, and pure mark-making. Mark-making represents to me a record of time and activity while exposing the artistic process and its vulnerabilities. The spontaneous scraping and layering in these works impart energy and capriciousness atop a weathered undertone.

I am interested in the combination of material and immaterial; the physicality of tar, fresco, canvas, and paint, and the emotionality of images, color and form. Associations of color and form, how they can be used as a communication of personal attachment and emotion, and the way that tension is created between images, forms, colors and materials, reside within my work. I am attracted to the idea of a non-traditional sensibility, which relies on ideas inherent in Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism, a sensibility that is reliant on the repetition of form and the use of an abstract shape as radiating visual stimuli, attracting the viewer and holding their attention, while eliciting an emotional response.

My work intends to create a story of continuity between the past and present by collaging small bits of, what I consider contemporary graphic symbolism with nature references. This lexicon is meant to bridge the healthy, tangibility of nature with a certain positivity regarding our modernity.

Imagery is closely associated with process. The mood and content of the work is largely a product of its surface and substance. The works begin on fresco where pigment is stained into wet plaster, creating either an image or an evocative worn surface. Once dry, multiple rounds of scraping and layering of paint takes place. Process is used to reveal small vignettes of development of the painting. Once the imagery has come together, illumination of the work with transparent glazes of oil color begins. Each oil glaze works through other much like vellums, giving the painting an inner luminosity. Ultimately, I hope these paintings resonate with a broad spectrum of people, engaging the viewer in present time with a modern beauty created through worn surfaces and contemporary imagery.

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