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Rick Stare

SA17787 Gales Creek 2016

Elise Wagner

Estate Offerings

Elise Wagner Solar Flare Study

Northwest photographer Rick Stare has been capturing images of Gales Creek for the last six years, looking for moments when the world above is reflected in the complex surface of the moving water; and sometimes the world below the surface is also revealed. The experience is dynamic and challenging, as the light and the water is constantly changing. He is not trying to provide a documentation of the overall scene, but rather looks for images and patterns and colors that evoke emotions or memories in the viewer. 


Also this month, our continuing exhibition of works we are currently offering from collector estates.  The works have been collected over the past 25 years, and, in many cases, were commissioned or selected directly from artist studios and have never been exhibited or offered to the public.  The exhibit includes pieces by Sonja Blomdahl, Brenda Barnum, Gabe Brown, Dale Chihuly, Ming Fay, David Geiser, Terence La Noue, Carl Morris, Marcia Myers, Janis Miltenberger, Danny Perkins, Preston Singletary, Lino Tagliapietra, and Betsy Wolfston.

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