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Glass Collectors' Opportunity

Danny Perkins

Is there a beauty that lies deeper within us, untainted by fashion, culture and/or convention.
When does a picture fall apart – separating into its elements.
And how does the mind reconnect and reinvent what we see or what we remember.
How does the viewer recreate and complete the picture that I started.
How does chance and intuition enter the picture.
All work is the materialization of a continuous process of back and forth, a negotiation. An attempt to get closer to a truth. Exploring the interconnection between our inner and our outer worlds. The interpenetration of everything.
To be curious without judging, rating or comparing. To be open, to be vulnerable, out of control, letting go. To be present. With the work and in the world.
Big words but at least the work reflects my attempt to be more open and accepting to what appears. Not an utopia but a possibility, an option, a space: towards freedom.
I have always favored the option of a work making itself instead of forcing the work to becoming what I want it to be.
This has been a continuous focus and guide in my practice for many years.
Each work is evidence and measure of my quality of presence and my willingness to grow.   

                                       --Bernd Haussmann



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